Friday, June 8, 2007

Homemade Swift

My mom bought me a ball winder for my birthday, but after trying it without a swift, I knew I needed one. I got inspired to make one after my mom suggested using a lazy susan. At our local Walmart, they had a "bamboo" lazy susan ($8.99), and I bought a 5/16" dowel rod ($.56), 1 72" 2x1 ($2), and some wood screws ($1). I screwed a 36" piece centered on the lazy susan and screwed it on after drilling pilot holes. I then attached a 17" piece perpendicular to the long piece on each side. I then drilled 5/16" half-holes 1 inch apart on the ends of the 2x1 pieces, and cut the dowel rod into 4 inch long pieces to place in the holes. Here is a final pic.

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It spins very well due to the lazy susan. The hardest part of making it was trying to comfort my son who is afraid of the drill. I did it by myself while my DH was out of town, so he could not complain about another knitting project. It works so well, and the spin is so smooth due to the lazy susan. I hope this helps someone.

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